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Glow impact for 2021

Despite various lockdown restrictions, we are so thankful that GLOW has been able to mobilize to continue to provide services and aid to rural women in Western Uganda. Thanks to our caring connections, in the second half of 2021, we were able to:

Provide food supplies to 210 GLOW families in Kabale and Rubanda, all of whom were impacted in various ways by the lockdown restrictions.

Supply 70 new rain harvesting tanks to provide easy access to safe water. GLOW's water project has been able to deliver clean water to a total of 124 families.

Strengthen and grow our microlending program across all GLOW groups.

Issue 54 new microloans for agricultural and other small businesses. Over 190 women have benefitted from GLOW's business loans.

Continue training and discipling the girls at the Skills Development and Mentoring Center, where vulnerable girls are given education and skills to escape the cycle of poverty.

Expand our groups for a total of 12 groups, impacting 360 women.

We are so thankful that GLOW's work has continued, despite the challenges of this year. We are committed to offering relief, transforming lives, and increasing productivity in order to lift vulnerable women and their families out of poverty. We are working hard to improve their access to education, lending, health services, safe water, food, security, and safe housing.

Behind these numbers are lives that are impacted, hope that is given, and a joy that is contagious. Thank you for being a part of their transformation.

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