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Our Activities.

We mentor and support vulnerable rural women and girls to work their way out of poverty and become change agents in their communities by providing proven social and economic poverty alleviation and wellness tools through our programs and activities.


07 Mar 2023

Women's Day Celebration

On 7 March 2023, we shall celebrate the International Women's Day with a One-Day Conference in Kabale.

May 2023

Glow Skills Girl Centre
1st Graduation Celebrations

In May 2023 The GLOW Kigezi Girls Skills Centre will celebrate its very first lot of graduates. The Centre was opened to mentor and equip vulnerable girls aged 13 to 18 with vocational skills like tailoring, knitting, cookery, and bakery, alongside Elementary level English, Math, computer skills, and other activities that aid mindset change.

Glow ministries 0001.jpg

July 2023

Medical Dental Outreach

This activity is designed with a sacred aim to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the community who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from

November 2023

Glow Annual Revival Conference

Every end of the year for the last three years we hold a revival conference. We invite evangelists, preachers, prayer warriors, and motivational speakers to strengthen and inspire GLOW women to grow spiritually and emotionally.

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