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GLOW Uganda Celebrates Love: 14 Couples United in Holy Matrimony at Mass Wedding.

Love, commitment, and community support took center stage on December 9th as GLOW Uganda orchestrated a heartwarming mass wedding, uniting 14 couples in Holy Matrimony. This significant event marked a milestone in the organization's mission to strengthen family cohesion and foster development through the bonds of love and marriage.

Acknowledging the Diocese of Kigezi: GLOW Uganda extends heartfelt appreciation to the Diocese of Kigezi, led by the esteemed Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna. The unwavering support provided by the Diocese played a pivotal role in making the mass wedding a reality. Bishop Akanjuna's dedication to the cause was immeasurable, emphasizing the shared commitment to promoting strong family values within the community.

Teamwork Behind the Scenes: The success of this joyous occasion was a result of collaborative efforts, both seen and unseen. GLOW Uganda recognizes and expresses gratitude to the caring connections that played a crucial role behind the scenes. Trinity Church of Sunnyvale and Team Uganda were instrumental in managing the logistics and ensuring that the event was not only a legal union but also a memorable celebration of love.

GLOW Couples: Legalizing and Making Right Their Marriages: The core focus of the mass wedding was to support 14 GLOW couples in legalizing and formalizing their unions in the sacred institution of Holy Matrimony. GLOW Uganda's commitment to family cohesion was exemplified through this initiative, emphasizing the importance of strong family foundations for the overall development of individuals and communities.

The Power of Community Support: The support and prayers from various quarters, particularly Trinity Church of Sunnyvale and Team Uganda, underscored the power of community in making positive change. Their dedication to the cause ensured that the event was not merely a legal formality but a celebration of love, unity, and the collective spirit of a community coming together for a shared purpose.

Conclusion: GLOW Uganda's mass wedding on December 9th stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to strengthening family bonds and fostering development through the sacred institution of marriage. With gratitude extended to the Diocese of Kigezi, Bishop Gaddie Akanjuna, Trinity Church of Sunnyvale, and Team Uganda, this event highlights the transformative power of community support in creating lasting positive change in the lives of individuals and the community at large. As the 14 couples embark on this new chapter in their lives, GLOW Uganda continues to be a beacon of hope, advocating for love, unity, and the importance of strong family ties.

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