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Another Water Tank for families

GLOW's water reclamation tank project is making great progress!  As of the beginning of July 2020, eight tanks have been completed, with eight more in progress.  Phase Two is almost complete!  Thanks to the friends of GLOW, many families have access to clean water and will not have to spend hours of their days hauling water from the valley. 

Fiona was one of the beneficiaries of our water tank project.  Fiona has three children under ten, and her leg was amputated last year.  She has had much difficulty obtaining water for her family, and having a water source in her compound means more than you can imagine.  We are hoping to provide Fiona with an artificial limb to improve her mobility and ability to care for her family.

Thank you to all of our friends who have partnered with us to provide clean and close sources of water in our Ugandan villages.

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