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Jolly's House

Jolly’s house is finished! Her first home was not stable and destroyed in the mudslides. She is so excited about her new, stable home. Jolly’s husband abandoned her 10 years ago, and so she works on other people’s farms for wages. Having a new home was so unexpected for her, and she was so moved by the community’s mobilization to help her. Thanks to our caring connections, GLOW was able to provide iron sheets, cement, a skilled builder, paint, windows, doors, and nails. The community, including GLOW members, husbands, and children, provided sand, logs, and labor. She was so joyful and continued to thank God and her community for providing something for which she could not have dreamed. The community sang and cried together in celebration! Jolly’s daughter, Racheal, is enrolled in the vocational school and wants to be a tailor.

We have identified 30 more vulnerable women who also need support to improve their homes.

Please pray with us for continued provision to help these women.

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